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About a fifty something woman

I’m Ann, a fifty something animal lover, who enjoys being out in nature, especially with my dog Dandy or a camera and sometimes both. I like to look for the detail in my surroundings, seeing colours, shapes, patterns and textures. I’m not keen on £2 coins and don’t really know why but already have a list of people who are willing to take them off my hands. I’ve been meaning to right this blog for ages, but only recently worked out a title that would cover all I want to write about. I’ve always been a thinker, right back to my early years at school. My head is usually really busy, which is great, but sometimes I’d just like a bit of peace, so I’m working on that. I feel it’s easy these days for life to become cluttered, both in our heads, our homes and our time. I have ideas that I hope will simplify both. My aim is to always be positive, and give an angle from which I see things. It won’t be the only angle, but I believe that most things in life can be changed by the way we look at them, often coming clear when we least expect it. I hope you enjoy my thoughts and ramblings.


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